Impersonator: Katy Perry Meow

After holding a “Guess the Name of My New Fragrance” contest on Twitter, Katy Perry has announced that the follow up to her debut fragrance Purr would be called Meow.

Unfortunately, there is already a knock-off Purr called Meow. Check out the compare/contrast photos below:

Impersonator: JLo’s L.A. Glow

Although it was released last November, Jennifer LopezL.A.  Glow is relatively difficult to find in stores, though you can buy it online.  I have yet to find it in a store myself, but I did find this amusing imposter:

L.A. Glow was inspired by Los Angeles nightlife, “where the fun never stops.” Top notes are cherry, plum and blackberry with middle notes of  jasmine, peony and magnolia, and base notes of musk, amber and tropical cream. The bottle is the same as all the other Glow flankers (except My Glow — yeah, I don’t understand that one either), this time the glass is colored in a graduated “disco mix” of purple and pink. A jeweled ring, perfect for a  night out, is attached to the bottle collar; unfortnately L.A. Dreams did not come with  a bauble.

Impersonator: Sean John’s Forgettable Lady


Yes, you read right! One imposter of Sean John’s extremely successful 2007 perfume Unforgivable Woman is called Forgettable Lady. Makes me laugh every time I see it! Many of these knock-off fragrances are created in places where they don’t have the best grasp of English. Enjoy the compare/contrast photos below:


Impersonator: Britney’s Festival?

Paris Hilton has spawned the most imposter fragrances of any celebrity. But Britney Spears comes a close second. Festival, a 2010 knock off of Britney’s 2009 Elizabeth Arden scent Circus Fantasy is one of my favorites.


Impersonator: Mariah’s Scalewing?

In the 1980’s they were called “imposters.” In the 90’s they became “impressions.” In reality, they are simply “fakes.” I like to call fake celebrity imposters “impersonators.”

One of my all time favorites is Scalewing, an impression of Mariah Carey‘s debut fragrance M.  If you know Mariah, you know that she loves butterflies. Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera which means “scale-wing” in Latin. Hence the name of the imposter fragrance. My favorite part of this imposter is its blatant rip off of the background imagery (along with the M bottle) on the sleeve as well as using the actual butterfly on the box. Of course, the bottles are extremely similar as well.

Compare and contrast for yourself: