About the book

Over the past few years, celebrity fragrances have grown into a multi-million dollar industry.  And we arent just talking about pop stars and entertainment icons who have their own scents; everyone who is anyone has their own fragrance — reality TV stars, obscure actors, opera singers, athletes, models and even popular authors.

It is a phenomenon that remains undocumented. Until now.

WHO SAYS FAME STINKS? is a comprehensive look at the stars who create and shill perfume internationally.

The book delves back into the history of perfume, all the way back to the launch of the first celebrity fragrance — the eponymous fragrance of popular stage actress Kate Claxton by Woodworth Company in 1874. Before long, opera divas starting putting their own names on fragrances. And an entire genre of fragrances was born.

Author Ron Lasko has been researching, collecting, and documenting celebrity fragrances since 2003. His collection boasts nearly 1200 fragrances. Lasko is currently looking for a publisher.

About the author

Jackie Collin's Wild!


Ron Lasko is an entertainment publicist, producer, and party planner living in New York City. His fragrance collection grew out of a book party he threw for Jackie Collins, where the author graciously signed a bottle her Wild! eau de toilette. He has thrown parties for and/or attended by scent shills including Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean Combs, Deborah Gibson, Beyonce and Donald Trump. His company, Spin Cycle, has produced Joan Rivers’ live NYC engagements for the past 10 years.

Contact Ron at ron@spincyclenyc.com.