Note-worthy: Justin Bieber Someday Valentine

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Justin Bieber has launched a special Limited Edition packaging of his hugely successful perfume Someday. At Macy’s in NYC your gift with purchase is Someday boxed rose — chemically treated to last forever! It also comes with a $15 gift card for 1-800-Flowers.

ADDENDUM: I used my $15 gift card to send flowers for my grandmother’s funeral in St. Louis. They never arrived. Eventually, I was issued a refund but I am very unhappy about it.


Note-worthy: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Happy birthday Zsa Zsa Gabor! After numerous health scares, it is wonderful to report that Zsa Zsa has just celebrated her 95th birthday.

Gabor had her own short lived fragrance called Zig Zag. I need to do more research on it before I write anything definitive. But below are some photos of various items from the Zig Zag collection as well as an image of “The Book of Seven Secrets” for which Gabor was a spokesmodel.

Spokesperson of the Week: Tom Brady

In honor of the Superbowl, Tom Brady is our Scent Spokesperson of the Week.

Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, signed on to be the new official Stetson spokesperson in print and TV campaigns beginning in September 2007. Over the 2 and a half years of his contract, Brady appeared on Stetson colognes including Stetson Black, Stetson Fresh, Stetson Rich Suede and All American Stetson.

According to a Coty press release “Brady was chosen because he has broader appeal beyond the Western roots of the brand,” he says, “and will appeal to men of all cultural origins in the U.S., while conforming to the values of ruggedness, masculinity and strength that the Stetson brand personifies.”

Actor Matthew McConaughey was the previous spokesperson for Stetson, which launched in 1983.