Scent List: 5 Best Pop Diva Bottles

As the celebrity scent field gets more and more crowded,  a perfume with a good name, a nice package and pleasing notes just doesn’t cut it anymore. The bottle itself seems to have become more important than ever. And designers seem to be coming up with more interesting bottles lately.

5 of my favorite bottles from pop music divas follow:

1). Katy Perry’s Purr. In photos, this one looks a bit suspect. But the execution is fantastic. Great color and great materials. It is very heavy and extremely well weighted. The face on the bottle is cleverly designed — even the spray nozzle inside becomes a mouth. The faux gem stone eyes arent just  glued on; they have an actual shape and are very well inset. The tail also creates an interesting design. Not elegant or glamorous, but it sure is a lot of fun. I do wish that Katy Perry’s name was on the charm and Purr was on the bottle, but that is a very small quibble.


2). Christina Aquilera, from P&G Prestige in 2007, her 2nd eponymous fragrance  (not to be confused with her 2006 LR Health & Beauty fragrance). This one is simple and chic. An elegant lace pattern is silkscreened onto a silhouette-like bottle that is very flat and well-weighted. Not a big fan of the bow — which looks a bit cheap — but you can easily throw that part away.

Christina Aguilera

3). Britney Spears’ Radiance. A fairly “normal” bottle gets the bling treatment. One can imagine Britney bedazzling a bottle herself as a prototype. The bottle is actually clear glass and the gems are actually painted on. It would rank a bit higher if the execution were just a bit better. The name on the narrow side of the bottle is also a nice touch.


4). Reb’l fleur by Rihanna.  Like Purr, I wasn’t sure what to make of this bottle when I first saw photos.  I love the late 1960’s – early 1970’s vibe but it felt a little delicate for hard-edged Rihanna. But my concerns faded away once I picked up the bottle. It is quite sturdy. The black and gold bands are actually embedded right into the glass, so it is very smooth and fluid.  I vacillate between loving and hating the heavily-textured, entwined black and gold bands on the lid — seems to me that a single, flat gold band would be a bit more elegant, but perhaps that would be less interesting. This one loses a point for not having the name of the perfume or Rihanna’s name on it anywhere.

Reb't fleur

5). Beyonce Heat. This one is also simple and elegant, but slightly different than your average perfume bottle. Love the Middle East influence. Love the graduated color, though I wish it were a bit redder and a bit more graduated.  In fact, the more tangerine version used for the Heat Rush flanker is even better. The slightly darker bottle for the flanker Heat Ultimate Elixir is far less appealing, though I do love the atomiser.


Ultimate Elixir

Honorable mention: Britney Spears’ Believe.  Impossible to capture in a photograph the angular bottle is pretty spectacular. It is just a little bit too harsh; you could really hurt someone with those sharp edges!

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